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Derfi DMB80

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Derfi DMB80 self-adhesive sticker dispenser


Derfi DMB80 is a manual adhesive dispenser, designed for dispensing large labels, suitable both for the industrial operator (who works on an assembly line) and for those who need to have markers always available (both in the office and in warehouse).

DMB80 is very useful for dispensing packaging labels, barcodes, information on packages or other products or for any labeling tasks on boxes and cartons (for example: labeling work on medicine boxes, kitchen utensils, markings of safety and household appliances).

DMB80 is the smallest of the DMB range made up of DMB80, DMB150 and DMB250.

DMB80 supports labels up to 80mm wide. The DMB150 can accommodate 150mm wide rolls. Finally, the DMB250 is compatible with 250mm wide adhesive label tapes.

The entire range is characterized by its practicality: The device is small, with dimensions between 120 x 180 x 185 mm and 290 x 180 x 185 mm, but it is also very light with a weight of 0.618 kg for the DMB80, 0.729 for the DMB150 and 0.867 kg for the DMB250.

All three dispensers are therefore very easily transportable and will adapt to all worktops.

Another detail of the instruments in the DMB range is that they can be fixed to tables and worktops, thanks to the structure present on the base of the device.

Thanks to their low weight, these dispensers can also be fixed to walls and other inclined surfaces.

Despite its lightness, the DMB80 label maker is very robust: designed entirely in stainless steel, it will stand the test of time and heavy use and is suitable to be sterilized for use in a food or medical environment. DMB80 can mount rolls with any mandrel since the axis has a diameter of 25 mm. As regards the label widths compatible with the DMB models, three sizes are available and correspond respectively to the DMB 80, DMB 150 and DMB 250. Finally, the maximum diameter of the rolls can reach up to 190 millimetres.

This versatility of capacity allows the use of labels of various sizes and made up of very heterogeneous materials.

DMB80 is also extremely easy to install and use. To install, simply wrap the roll around the mandrel and guide the label strip onto the feed rollers. To use, simply pull the lining strip.

Upon request, it is possible to integrate a roll separator on the device: this will allow the operator to use two rolls of labels at the same time. This feature can prove to be truly salient, especially when a product requires the application of two different labels on the same surface.


First, install the label roll on a stable table or surface.

Positioning and loading of the reel

Setting up and loading the label roll is extremely simple and intuitive.

Simply remove the central spindle from its base first. Place the roll of labels on it and reattach it to the dispenser.

Making sure that the tape is distributed from the top of the roll, guide the self-adhesive tape head up to the level of the feed rollers. Pass the label strip between the two plastic rollers. Peel off a first label and leave it hanging. Then pick up the liner part and guide it under the two spring rollers.

The manual label dispenser is now ready for use.