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Derfi DS25E

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Manual dispenser for adhesive tapes Derfi DS25E


DS25E is a single lane tabletop manual dispenser designed specifically for dispensing adhesive tapes.

Its stainless steel structure is characterized by particular stability and robustness, characteristics that make it a reliable work tool.

DS25E is also equipped with a safe cutting system that prevents any risk of accidents during cutting, making it an ideal choice for industrial operators. The two rotating rings on the cutting line have been positioned so that the operator's fingers cannot touch the blade. This dispenser therefore meets the standards for use in CAT and ESAT centers for the disabled.

With its practical and safe features, the DS25E is an essential tool for any company that wants to optimize its cutting processes.

It is therefore very useful in a number of areas including:

  • Closing cardboard boxes (packing and wrapping)
  • Industrial marking on components and printed circuits
  • Connection of electrical bundles and electrical wiring
  • Gluing sheets of paper
  • Placing reference points before cutting.

This compact and lightweight manual dispenser can be fixed to all types of tables or workbenches.

DS25E can accommodate different types of stickers with diameters less than or equal to 160 millimeters in external diameter and 25 millimeters in width and is equipped with a triangular blade that allows for quick and sharp cutting.

ATTENTION: The triangular blade was designed to increase production speed. DS25E is therefore not suitable for straight and perfectly clean cutting. To do this we recommend the DS25ETB with toothed blade.

Positioning and loading the roll

First, secure the adhesive dispenser to a table or workbench by screwing it in using the holes at the ends of the base. Install the adhesive around the spindle, then unroll the tape to the level of the blade. It will then be possible to make the first cut.

The spindle holder can be installed in both directions of the device and is therefore suitable for both left- and right-handed users.

Once the adhesive is installed, grab the cutting handle and slide the blade across the roll of adhesive. There will be no need to force, the Solingen blade ensures a perfect cut regardless of the intensity of the movement.


The DS25E dispenser requires almost no maintenance. Stainless steel guarantees tightness and cleanliness