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Derfi DIC50

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Manual dispenser for adhesive tapes Derfi DIC50


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DIC50 is a manual adhesive tape dispenser, extremely resistant, made of stainless steel, with a protected blade.

The DIC50 is equipped, in fact, with an accident prevention cutting system, a Solingen blade and an adjustable stop option for a straight, clean and safe cut.

Very easy to use, this 50mm industrial tape dispenser is ideal for intensive production and long-term use.

DIC50 is recommended for closing or reinforcing cardboard boxes in packing stations and for masking parts before applying paint, especially in the automotive and aeronautical sectors.

This dispenser differs from the other devices in the DS range for the specificity of its cutting system equipped with a Solingen blade fixed to a sliding cutting slider: no waste of time and a perfectly straight cut. Simply drag the cursor on the adhesive strip positioned on the cutting line with both hands. The quality of the blade guarantees a clean cut and prolonged sharpening without degradation with use.

The other great advantage of the DIC50 lies in the installation by DERFI of an accident prevention cutting system to avoid accidents in the event of repetitive and prolonged activity: the space between the slider and the cutting line has been studied and designed so that the finger of one hand cannot enter and thus reach the blade.

DIC50 is a large adhesive dispenser. It can accommodate 50mm wide rolls with a maximum diameter of 180mm. The flexibility of this compatibility demonstrates its adaptability to intensive industrial activity with the use of adhesive tape.

This manual dispenser also has the particularity of being much heavier than the products in the DS range. Although fixable to tables or workbenches, at 1,800 kilograms, the DIC50 has a natural stability that makes it a transportable and safe product to use.

Finally, the DIC50 dispenser can be equipped, as an option, with an adjustable stop that allows a graduated cut of your adhesive tape.

DIC50 is the ideal product for any operator whose activity requires a compact, resistant and above all precise device.

Positioning and loading the roll

Place the roll around the mandrel, then unroll the ribbon and pass it under the central unwind bar. Finally, spread the adhesive on the cut surface.


Once the roll is in place, grab the cutter handle and slide the blade across the roll of adhesive. There is no need to force, the Solingen blade will give a perfect cut regardless of the intensity of the movement.


The dispenser is practically maintenance-free. Its stainless steel coating protects the device against dirt and wear.