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Derfi RT7700

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Automatic dispenser for adhesive tapes Derfi RT7700


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The RT7700 is an automatic adhesive and non-adhesive film dispenser designed specifically for cutting tape to size.


  • POWER SUPPLY 230V/50Hz
  • OUTPUT SPEED 200mm/s

The peculiarity of this industrial adhesive tape dispenser lies mainly in its programming system: it is, in fact, capable of dispensing tape strips of up to 6 predefined lengths, thus allowing practical and personalized gluing.

RT7700 therefore offers a significant time saving to the industrial operator who wishes to increase his productivity by helping to prevent the waste of adhesive tapes, often present in intensive production.

The RT7700 dispenser is intended for the automatic cutting of adhesives to length and is, mainly, intended for the industrial operator whose activity requires intensive and regular use of tapes (adhesive and non-adhesive). Perfect especially in those cases where the operator handles adhesive tapes of different lengths in sequence.

RT7700 allows extremely precise and regular cutting, with automated or semi-automated dispensing: it is easily programmed using the "+" and "-" keys on the device's control panel. Simply enter the desired length between 5 and 999 millimetres, with a maximum tolerance of 1 mm, for a custom cut.

Semi-automatic mode offers controlled tape dispensing. Therefore, after each cut, the operator will have to press the START button for the device to release a new piece of tape. The fully automated mode, however, offers new user comfort and improved performance. Thanks to its detection cell, RT7700 assists the user by automatically releasing a new piece of adhesive film after removing the previous tape. Adhesive dispensing is optimized and significantly reduces the operator's work.

The second great specificity of this automatic adhesive tape cutting device is given in particular by its programming system: it allows the operator to individually set the lengths of each of his cuts. In fact, the RT7700 provides the possibility of recording upstream up to 6 cutting lengths classified in alphabetical order from A to F.

There are two ways to use this function:

The first consists of a manual selection system. Switching between program A and program B will be done manually by pressing the selection key. You can also switch between the different settings by successively pressing the same selection key.

The second mode characterizes the specificity of this vending machine and distinguishes it from the similar RT7000. This mode allows the RT7700 to alternate between the various programs completely autonomously. In this way it is possible to individually define, for each of the programs, the number of pieces of tape to be dispensed. In this way, and thanks to this automated functionality, the transition from program A to program B will occur automatically once programming A has finished.

Likewise for the transition from B to C, etc. Another advantage of the RT7700 is the absence of a mandrel which allows the accommodation of coils with a maximum external diameter of 300 millimetres. Most traditional dispensers, whether manual or automatic, do not offer such flexibility in accommodating rolls of adhesive of various diameters.

Likewise, the width of the adhesive tape can vary between 6 and 60 millimeters, preserving the stability of the reel thanks to an adjustable support system that keeps the tape in the center of the device.

Added to this is another fundamental feature of this dispenser: it can accommodate two rolls of adhesive at the same time. For this, an adjustable divider is fixed under the base of the RT7700. Simply detach it from the base and place it in the area that holds the roll of adhesive. This option will be useful for the user who wants to simultaneously manage two adhesive films of different colors, sizes or types.

This feature is also very useful because it allows two operators to work on the same machine, saving time and space.

Note, in the case of a two-track installation, that the detection cell engages only when the two adhesive strips have been recovered by the user.

For more information download the manual or contact us: info@drtapes.it