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3M™ DP8910NS black 490 ml

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Structural tixotropic adhesive 3M™ DP8910NS (cartridge 490 ml)


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3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Nylon Bonder Structural Adhesive DP8910NS is a structural adhesive two-pack acrylic, black, low odor, mix ratio 10:1. It has been

formulated specifically for bonding nylon (polyamides) without the need for pre-treatment, and for bonding steel, aluminum, composites and many plastics

commonly used in transport and sporting goods markets.

Product features

• Thixotropic formulation resists creep and slippage of the adhesive

• Polymerization at room temperature

• Curing can be accelerated by heat input

• Meets the self-extinguishing requirement according to UL 94 grade HB

• Solvent-free adhesive system

Nylon is an ideal material for applications at higher temperatures elevated. However, bonding nylon requires an adhesive in able to withstand the heat of applications and that does not require surface preparation with flame treatment. 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Nylon Bonder Structural Adhesive DP8910NS, the bonding solution that resists high temperatures and requires minimal surface preparation beforehand of gluing.

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Data sheet

Adhesive Acrylic
Low temperature resistance -50°C
Applications Assemblaggio di piccoli giunti
Shelf life 12 months
Color Black
Surfaces ABS
Polystyrene with glass fibers
Rigid PVC
Rigid plastics
Rigid polystyrene
High temperature resistance +120°C
Size Cartuccia 490 ml
Mixing ratio 1 a 10
Open time 10 minuti
Handling time 16 minuti
Viscosity Thixotropic